Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why Food ?

Last Sunday, the 17th of January 2010, a clique of ladies who are responsible for the Environment and Arts Decor for the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption (COLA) gathered together for their customary annual dinner at Clare Ouilet's house. They of course invited their BETTER halves to attend to help finish the food......and before that to carry the food......and before that to taste the food for saltiness, sweetness, texture, that when it is laid out on the dining table, it is perfect. The men were also there to act as sounding boards for their discussions, and comic relief.

Please allow me to digress a little. Why is it that when humans get together to celebrate or discuss something, there always has to be food? This brings to mind the meetings of people in charge of institutions, Government included. There always is food at the end of each assembly. I am convinced that the getting together is an excuse to eat. Anyway, I have no complaints. I just wondered.

The spread of food that night was fit to grace the banquet table of an Emperor or Monarch.

I could write about each dish using exotic adjectives to describe them but I shall refrain from doing so and let pictures do the talking.

Agnes' Honey Roasted Ham.

Judy's Mango Pudding with Passion Fruit Jelly.

Judy's Scallops sprinkled with Bacon

Clare's Baked Shitake Mushrooms and Salsa on Garlic Bread

James and Susie's Turkey.....The Gravy was exquisite.

Clare's Salmon Pate....The men began the assault with Rice
Bisquites but they had no chance once the ladies discovered how good this was.

Agnes' Brownies.

Clare's Spiced Chickpeas, Parsnips and Kumara

Margaret's Roast Beef.

Clare's Black Bean Vegetable Pilaf

There were a few more dishes not featured but they were just as tantalising. Special mention must be made for Margaret's dessert... The Tiramisu ! By the time people realised that a photo had not been taken it was all gone ! My attempt at getting a second helping was met with great laughter and shouts of "Mana u lagi ! Ho lang chiak liao lo ! Loo aneh ban eh !"
The evening, as usual was very enjoyable. The conversation covered a variety of topics including eccentric behaviours of people we know which stimulated much laughter. Of course we had help from 2 bottles of French Wine by courtesy of Gaston Ouilet.
I think once a year is too long to wait for these sort of sharing. They say that 2012 will see the end of the world as it is so maybe we should try for 4 times i.e. every quarter.

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