Sunday, June 21, 2009

High Tea

The worst thing a Blogger can do is to leave his/her Blog without update for almost a month. Even the most faithful of followers would not have the patience to sign in everyday just to be greeted by a blank page for so long. I plead guilty and apologise for the neglect.

Even though this is not a professional Blog and it is done only for fun to satisfy an inclination to write and share tall tales, humour and, once in a while, some serious experiences, there is still the responsibilty to keep it updated regularly for the sake of those kind enough to show interest in the site. Therefore, I shall not shun this responsibility from today onwards.

I owe it to the readers to explain why the Blog has been dormant. Half a dozen reasons spring to mind but they are liable to be shot down as excuses so I shall not even try. Let's just blame it on procrastination and tardiness.

Now that I've got the monkey off my back I am ready to roll.

What do most people do on a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon ? Play golf, watch TV, go for a ride in the country, tend the garden, bring the kids to the beach or go to the cinema and watch the latest Box Ofice movie ? Me, I do all of the above (not at the same time) as well as stuff my face with food.

I had one of the most pleasant Sunday Afternoon at Gaston's and Clare's home at Jalan Subok last Sunday. The lovely ladies of the "Arts and Environment Group" from the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption had organised a High Tea to follow their quarterly meeting. Because it was also to say farewell to one member who was leaving Brunei, spouses were also invited. As always, the array of food was incredibly sumptious !

Whilst the ladies were chattering away discussing the agenda, I sat with the men at the other end of the sitting room talking about everything, from the goings on in Iran to the geographical contours of the ridges and hills of Jalan Subok. Then I heard a noise which rose above the voices in conversation. It was the rumbling of an empty stomach and I was 100% certain it came from the ladies' section. As if that was the cue the Chairlady abruptly brought the meeting to an end and said "O.K. let's eat !" In the middle of grace, I heard the stomach rumble again and this time discovered that it was mine.

I headed straight for the Briyani Rice which I drowned in the gravy from the Chicken Masala. I put the whole thing away in about 30 seconds and went back for a second helping and this time I supplemented it with the exquisitely Roasted Chicken (Perfectly done by Susie). Compliments were being paid to Margaret who had prepared the Briyani and Chicken Masala. Someone even said that the curry tasted so authentically Indian that Margaret could qualify as one. Indian or not, it was delicious.

After the curry, with the stomach rumbling now very much reduced, I sampled the Prawn Mee. I am at a loss for words here. The soup was better than any that I have tried in Brunei including the Prawn House Restaurant at Traders' Inn Hotel. Clare, start a Prawn Mee business and I will be your first customer.

Then there were the various assortment of desserts from Judith's Chocolate Coated Eclairs to Catherine's multi colored Jello. There were Cheesecake, Pan -cakes and a couple of Nonya Kuehs, all excellently done by the other ladies. There was some alcohol in the form of Bristol Cream Irish Coffee which Lia brought. After a couple of sips faces started blushing and the ladies were fired up. They ended the afternoon Line Dancing to Rock and Roll music. The men were too full to rock.

I wish every Sunday can be like this.

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