Monday, May 25, 2009

Tattoos !!!

Kate Von D ...does that name ring a bell ? And I dont mean just riiinnnng.... riiinnng. I mean bell as in DING DONG...DING DONG ! Yes ! That's Kate Von Drachenberg of L.A. Ink. fame. I'm not sure whether that should be Inc. or Ink. Let's go with Ink. If you are into tattoos that's who you should research. You must have seen L.A. Ink. on Star TV. Well the story goes that she has left L.A. Ink and started a parlour of her own. Now she has written and published a book, an autobiography which is making it's way up the Best Sellers' list.

So what is it that motivates a person to go under the needle just to have art "branded" into his/her skin ? I wont have space here to explain the when, how, why and where it all started besides I have not done the necessary research. I can only offer my two cents worth. Nowadays it is considered "cool" to have a tattoo because many celebrities have it. David Beckham and Robbie Williams are two of the most famous people with equally famous tattoos. The Hip Hop and Gangsta Rappers are credited with starting the craze. The idea is actually stolen from tribes in East Asia. The natives of Sarawak, Malaysia wear tattoos as a symbol of manhood. The more you have and the more intricate they are, the more you are feared and honoured. Why ? The pain you have to undergo while having the needles dipped in dye knocked into your skin over a couples of hours is testament enough to show how tough you are. The natives of the South Seas, New Zealand comes immediately to mind, even have tattoos on their tongues. That is part of the reason why the Aussies always lose to them in Rugby. When the Kiwis All Blacks stick their Tattooed tongues out, the Aussies are ready to give up. Then there is the Japanese Yakuza who adopted the same psychology...scare your enemies with tattoos !

In the 21st Century the Tattoo has become high fashion. A cute little tattoo in the right place can enhance a woman's sex appeal by leaps and bounds. Dont take my word for it. Ask Madonna, Beyonce, Paris Hilton and the many other Pop Stars, Movie Stars and Fashion Divas. Kate Von D is the Queen of them all.

So ladies, YM and friends, if you are reading this, what are you waiting for ?
And just for reading my Blog here's a treat :-

And here's the link to her book's website :-

I am sorry I shall not be able to tell you where in Brunei you can go have a tattoo safely administered. If you find one please let me know. I want to have one done also. Maybe one that says "Lights on but no one's home !" My son Aaron has a snarling, Black Leopard showing fangs, on his left shoulder.

Till next time....Happy Tattooing !

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