Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kerabu Boneless Chicken Feet Dish

I received an article from a friend about how the Boneless Chicken Feet Dish...Kerabu...is made.  It appears that the flesh is picked from the bones, after it has been boiled, by teeth. Puzzled ? They have people employed just to separate the flesh from the bones with their teeth. I thought by now someone would have invented a machine to do that. .

I forwarded the article to several other friends and received one outstanding response from Mighty Joe Young (A nickname of course). He reminded me that if we can enjoy drinking wine without feeling squeamish, knowing how grapes are crushed, why must we shudder at the thought of eating something which has been extracted by someone else's teeth ?  A subjective notion....feet or teeth, which is less yucky ?  There are zillions of food and drink one culture or even individuals find objectionable which others find delightful. I for one, will drink wine, eat boneless chick feet (Not a big fan though), stinky tofoo, blue cheese and whatever.......even smoke pot !

Anyway that is not my story today.  I just wanted to share a fantastic website I stumbled upon whilst googling for "Crushing Grapes for Wine"....to see if they still use well endowed ladies to stomp on the fruit. The site is :-


Take a look. You might like it as much as I did.

Oh, by the way I still dont know whether they still crush grapes with feet.

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