Monday, November 1, 2010

T-Mobile Advert.

The Advertisement industry is improving at an immense rate. Remember those days when everyone skips away from the TV during advert breaks to grab a snack or drink, go to the washroom or simply have a stretch ? Well nowadays, the Ads are so good some might even look forward to watching them. A friend sent me a YouTube clip of a recent Advert by T-Mobile.  You know who T-Mobile are. They are one of the largest multi-national Telephone Services providers/operators in the world, owned by Deutsche Telekom so they can afford a lavish advertisement such as this :-

Can you see how effective these Ads are ? It is entertaining and that's what gets the message through to people. Moreover there are no "walls"...discremination of any kind. After seeing this and the many other similar messages by T-Mobile who do you think people would think of first when they are in the market for Telephone services ?

Sadly, the Advertisement Companies from our part of the world is lacking and are far behind in terms of imagination and artistry. Watch those on TV covering Shampoos, Milk Powder for Babies, Cologne for Men......zzzzzzzz !

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