Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Electromagnetic Radiation

Making the rounds in the internet this week is an article about a woman losing her unborn child because she slept with her cellular phone switched on and close by. Although this particular story might be urban legend made up to motivate overzealous netizens to forward e-mails to warn family and friends of pending hazards, that Electromagnetic Radiation is a threat to health is believed to be true by a majority of Scientists and Doctors including Dr. Neil Cherry from New Zealand. W.H.O. does not subscribe to this fact but at the same time, do not discount it entirely either. So what are we supposed to believe ?

In this kind of situation, the universal advice would be "Better be safe than sorry!" Dont go to sleep with your Mobile Phone switched on and kept under your pillow no matter how much you love it, even if it's an I-Phone. Get a Teddy Bear ! It's softer and nicer to snuggle with....or a Barbie Doll for some of you weird guys out there. Seriously, if you wish to get more detailed information Dr. Neil Cherry's website is : obviously.

Whilst we are on the subject of forwarding e-mails, I am an addicted forwarder ! However, I only like to forward jokes. It is difficult to categorise what I like so I shall list what I dont like. On the top of the list of what I dont like are Chain E-mails. These are the ones which tell you to forward it to 10 other people within 10 minutes or ill fortune would befall you. I have always deleted them without forwarding. Yet I have not turned into a frog, gone bald, grown an extra toe or stepped on dog poop. Then there are those which use emotional blackmail particularly guilt. You are asked to forward the e-mail to 10 others because each one would earn a baby sick with Cancer, 20 US cents from AOL, Microsoft, BOA!..Havent they heard about the Financial Crisis ? Even the Almighty has been invoked to promote the proliferation of e-mails in the internet. If you dont do as asked, you are hell bound for all eternity. Guilt is also a factor in this case because they state if you dont follow through on the instructions you would have betrayed your God and religion. Good Grief !!!

Then there is Porn but I shall not venture into that realm for fear of being banned for life from blogging.

I welcome all else for it is said being informed is a source of empowerment.


  1. T-Rex,

    From radiation to chain-mails and ending with porn... what can I say?... *sigh*

    Only you can come up with such a chain of causation or effects that most of us are victims of, and some willing ones, no doubt.

    Let me attempt to add a line or two of my personal experiences.

    First, the radiation part... as you well know, most of us men have our cell-phones in our trousers' pocket most of the time, if not in a case on our belts. Then when driving, some of us have the hp between our legs, on the car seat...

    This has been cause for many a sleepless night for me in fear of my beloved jewels being a casualty. Not counting the fact that my other half may start to complain of less than adequate performance...

    Second, the chain-mails or in this case emails. I truly detest receiving such mails and very often make my views known to the sender, albeit toned down in order to retain family and friends... But, my message does get through, in view of the fact that I seldom get any these days. Or, maybe, they lobbed off the 'send to' part.., methinks the earlier radiation may have got to their privates...

    Finally, 'porn'... how apt to have 'radiation' affecting the cojones in sending 'chain-emails' ending with 'porn' in the subject-matters of a single write-up.

    This heads up (nothing to do with privates!) on the fact that I do read your blog avidly, will I also hope be in apparent testament to the fact.

    On my third double-shot of Grant's 100 Proof Strength.

    Ho Yum Ker Lah!

  2. MJY, what can I say ?! Thank you for enhancing this blogsite with more class and as the Goose might call it "Literary Work of Art." I was going to reward you with a T-Shirt for your support but that would be against the rules AdSense stipulated....bribing you to visit my site.
    Enjoy your Moonshine !!! Ho Yum Ker Lah !