Friday, May 1, 2009

Never go Grocery shopping when Hungry

Aaron, that's my son, once told me "Never go grocery shopping when you're hungry" and today I discovered the wisdom in that advice.

I had an extensive shopping list to fulfill which usually means plenty of leg-work is involved when you are in Singapore. Being as large as they are the Malls accomodate dozens of retailers offering similar merchandise and there are dozens of Malls scattered all over this island. I think you get the picture if you are a VFM freak like me. You dont simply purchase the item you are looking for immediately from the first vendor you encounter at the first Mall you enter. No! You do a little bit of reseach , comparison and window shop for a while. Then by the time you have completed this process skipping in and out of MRTs and Buses, you would have forgotten which store offered the best bargain and you end up either starting all over again or, if your feet are ready to give up on you because you had not been disciplined with your diet over the last two weeks, you would have just bought the item from the last store regardless and find out later that it was 20% cheaper at the first store you visited. What's that got to do with being hungry ? I am coming to that right now.

Halfway through my shopping excursion, because of the circumnavigation on foot, blood sugar took a freefall! Yes, you know the feeling..hypoglycemia and I am standing right next to Auntie Annie's Pretzels. I am not a big fan of those twisted sticks of baked dough but the Pretzel Dog was begging to be eaten. I surrendered. I could never walk past a Hot Dog stand without purchasing a Hot Dog so I had to extend the same honour to a Pretzel Dog. I read minds and I hear you say "excuses, excuses!" Aunty Annie's happened to be situated just outside a Supermarket and as there were things on my list which have to be bought from a Supermarket, I entered. Hunger pangs still lingered as the Pretzel Dog was so minute. Aunty Annie must have been thinking of Snow White's 7 little friends when she made them. Every packet and can of foodstuff, Cheese, Crackers, Bread, Drinks and whatever was edible, even Medicine, in the Supermarket seemed to be saying "buy me!" and being so hungry my rationale was compromised. My shopping cart got filled with many more items which were not on my grocery list at all.

So please heed these words "Never go Groceries shopping when you are hungry!" Trust me, I know because I was a victim of this folly too many times.

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