Friday, May 1, 2009

How does one spell Diarrhea

Have you ever watched a TV Program covering a Spelling Competition between young students ? If my memory serves me it was called "spelling Bee" or something. Those amazing kids were like superheroes of spelling. The most lengthy, strange, foreign and almost ridiculous words were thrown at them yet they survived. I find words which originated from the French are the hardest to spell.....and pronounce...thus the difficulty to spell. Take for example escargots, Yves Saint Laurent, Croix, Pierre Cardin and blah blah yakity yakity yak. Dont even mention Latin. Even romanised Chinese has jumped on the band wagon. When it used to be simply Chang we now have Zhang, Tan has become Dan and so on and so forth. I think that's why we have Global Problems. I wonder whether those super-speller kids know how Diahhrrea is spelt.

Alas, I shall miss the Baiduri Charity Golf Competition because I am still in Singapore. Coverage of these kinds of events is what every aspiring blogger should not miss. It is traffic attraction to the blogsite. I hear you say only golfers would wish to read about themselves. Not necessarily true. My animal friends will prove you wrong. Golfing as well as non-golfing members will be interested in the event if only to see the how the Goose fared. He abandoned the honorable game almost 3 years ago due to an ailing back. He incured the injury when he attempted to find out which would come up the winner after impact, his spinal column or a BMW car. This is what people refer to as a hard lesson learned. Now fully recovered he has been itching to get back to golf and tomorrow will be the first day after the long absence. He has less than 12 hours to find his misplaced golf shoes which he had used for rock climbing a couple of months ago...or was it when he climbed the coconut tree for young coconuts at Koh Samui and the James Bond island.

Anyway I wish him all the best and hope he stays away from water hazards, red fire ants, mating water fowls and low flying aircraft.

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