Monday, May 4, 2009

Goose Vs Duck

According to the Sunday Times dated 3rd May 2009 the Goose is loosing ground to the Duck but through no fault of it's own fault. Roasted Goose or in it's Cantonese traditional name, Siew Ngoh, had always graced the Chinese dining table during auspicious occasions for centuries. In Singapore this tradition is even more tenaciously followed. Geese were imported mainly from Taiwan. The Avian Flu which started in 1997 put a halt to the custom. When the pandemic started, a ban on the importation of fowls was naturally imposed for the protection and welfare of the citizens. In Taiwan, supply dwindled as birds died or were slaughtered. After the ban was lifted prices shot through the roof as economic principles of demand and supply took hold. Only the privileged were able to afford the Roasted Goose then until even now. However, to Singaporeans this is not a "big deal' as the westerners would say. The Duck had come to the rescue. Three gastronomical experts confirmed to the Sunday Times' Taste section that duck meat is just as exquisite as goose meat and as such would be the perfect substitute during feasts. It appears duck can go down just as well as goose when it comes to Cognac slinging. (This part, I added myself I have to confess). The experts were able to tell which meat belonged to the goose and which, to the duck when the specially prepared dishes were laid out for the test. In my book, this should really qualify them as experts.

You were expecting a dramatic story about a shoot-out between the Goose and the Duck at the Baiduri Masters' Golf last week-end didnt you ? At least those of you who know who Goose and Duck are, were thinking of the results of Goose's venture back to golf. According to reports from the "animals" he posted quite a good score for someone who had not been playing for 3 years. Well done Goose ! You have put the soothsayers who predicted doomsday in their places.

There was no drama at the Royal Brunei Airlines Golf Course but it appears that there was plenty at another venue to which the animals flocked after the tournament. The gathering was to celebrate the return of Goose to golf. The reports did not mention cuisine; no roasted goose; neither was there roasted duck. The reports were unusually devoid of golf even. But the fact that there was insufficient thirst quenching liquid at the watering hole was highlighted profoundly more than once. The joy of having Goose back was surely overwhelmed by disappointment over the situation. They will be back next week to make up for the shortfall.

In my previous posting I indicated my weakness for Hotdogs. Just for some visual effect here is a picture of breakfast I had last Friday.

See the half bitten Hotdog - a Bratwurst seasoned with black pepper and grilled - next to the Bacon and Egg Sandwich ? This was at Basement 1, Singapura Plaza. I forget the name of the stall but the brewed coffee was fantastic !
And this is the little bottle of Chardonnay I was served on SilkAir ...the reason I always fly SIA!

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