Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pet Therapy

Last month saw the screening of Marley and Me, a hollywood movie starring the ever-so-sweet and bubbly Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson of Shanghai Knights fame. It was the story of a mischievious Labrador who, despite his antics and bad behaviour brought joy, love and most of all, Family Bondage to his human family. The film ended on a sad note, Marley, the Dog, died.

There are thousands of tales about pets. There are stories of pets who saved their owners from disaster, from robbery, from fire and from death in general. There are stories about Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Horses, even Pigs but mostly about men's best friend, Dogs. Scientists and Doctors now use Dogs in therapy. Many Rehabilitation Homes for the aged now employ Dogs to bring joy to the elderly who are otherwise less inclined to be active and to exercise. Children in hospitals have been found to recover from illness faster when a pet is introduced into the therapy session.
The Blind and other disabled person become more mobile with a trained Dog as a companion. The benefits of having a pet are obvious.

Yet, on the other hand, you will be able to see stories of cruelty to animals. You read about the senseless killing of Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, Monkeys, Bears and the list goes on and on. Habitats are being destroyed for the development (Note that the word used is not survival) of Mankind. The Orang Hutan and the Panda Bear, the Buffaloes and the Gorillas, almost all the animals from which Man can find an economic excuse for killing is endangered. No wonder mother nature is fighting back. Climate changes, Earthquakes and Storms, Floods and Landslides threaten the earth now. Mr. Al Gore, maybe you are a bit late ?

A friend sent me this website in which cruelty at it's worst is highlighted :-

On a lighter note here is short clip of a family of Chihuahuas enjoying dinner. I am not sure whether the owners are breeding them for sale but if anyone is interested send an e-mail to me at and I shall tie you up with the owners directly. You will understand why I cannot publish their e-mail addresses here. Aren't they cute ? And they only eat Tamales, Burritos and Tacos and sometimes they need a swig of Tequila . Aiyai yai caramba! You know I am jesting right ?

"Hey Rosita, com queek ! Down at the Cantina they're giving Green Stamps with Tequila !!!"

Adios Mi Amigos!

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