Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why no update ?????

It has been almost 2 weeks since my last update. Not only that, I haven't been reading the blogs I follow viz. Foodie Tales, Okay Sandy, Sini Sana Terbang and Runonadidas! Sorry guys, will catch up right away.

Over the past weeks there have been myriads of e-mails to respond to. The flurry of electronic, digital messages zipping in and out of my mailbox were like bees at their beehives. School and classmates of days gone by have recently re-discovered each other and a kind of reunion has begun in cyberspace, complete with postings of old photographs on Facebook. We are talking about a span of 40 odd years of memories recaptured. That's why no blog ! Fingers tired from over-typing.

I am unable to describe the emotions. There is a kind of euphoria in the air right now and everyone involved is excited and are recalling and relating episodes of their childhood era in emails and facebook postings. All of a sudden we are back in the 50s and 60s. Stories of delinquency, youthful adventures and encounters with teachers, girlfriends and rivals are being exchanged. It is like the flashback in a movie. We see images of one another not as we are now but as we were then...young, reckless and full of life overwhelmed with raging hormones.

Why did it take so long for this to happen ....the reconnection between childhood friends ? In my opinion, this would never have happened if not for the advent of the Internet and it's many spin-offs.

Yes, a few of us had written to each other over the years but it eventually dwindled down to only once or twice a year through a Christmas Card, Chinese New Year Card or Hari Raya Card. Then it completely stopped. It became irksome to put pen to paper to write a letter. Then we had to shove the letter into an envelope and have it sealed. Addressd it, go to the Post Office, lick a stamp and stick it to the envelope and post it. Then there's the frustrating part of waiting for the reply.......which usually comes only after you've forgotten all about the person you had written to in the first place. No wonder they call it Snail Mail.

With the Internet and E-Mail, we get Instant Gratification ! O.K. there are some people who do not even return emails instantly but they are a minority. We are creatures who thrive on Instant Gratification. We like to be able to send of our messages with a click of the Mouse or Touch Pad.....! Make that "with a touch of the Touch Pad" before I am queried by Goose. We are elated (there's that word again) when we receive an instant reply. We now have instant noodles, instant coffee, instant cereals....Good Grief !

Now, with Facebook and Twitter and what not there is no more excuse for family and friends to lose touch.....even for an instant !

So much has happened since my last post. Manchester United has won their 18 th League Cup, equaling Liverpool's record. Aung San Suu Kyi arrested and tried, H1N1 came and has not gone, Selamat caught in Johor because the Large Sign across the causeway read "SELAMAT DATANG" and yet I am at a loss for words. So I shall let a photo do the talking and end this update :-

My friend Jack Russell, the Durian Seller. He drives a tough bargain but he lets you have VFM ! His durians may be expensive but he insists that they are PFV. In case you have forgotten :

VFM = Value for Money and PFV = Priced for Value.

His durians are the equivalent of Celine, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Rolex, Armani and Yak Kun Toasts Box along Orchard, speaking of which, the Orchard Central and Ions Super Structures which will boast hundreds more of retail outlets plus foodcourts and restaurants, are due to be opened soon. So much for the recession.......!

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  1. Welcome back, Teewrex. Missed reading your stories. ym