Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3rd Blooper

This is getting to be very embarrasing....a third blooper ! Read the following sentence which is from the update of this morning's post "Of course you already know about TED but this is for "just in case you have not"." and tell me that it doesnt sound like the Queen's English. You're right, it doesnt. It should read "Of course you already know about TED but this is for "just in case you dont".
There isnt a fourth ....... I have proof read the original post, like two and a half dozen times.

Since I am here updating this morning's update I might as well write a little bit more. Do you believe in Ghosts ? According to the Sin Chew Daily of Singapore, it seems like the administrators of The National University of Singapore do. Here is the article :-

Things that go bump in the night at Singapore varsity

Mon, Apr 20, 2009The Star/Asia News Network

THE National University of Singapore has put up a notice 'warning' students of a headless woman ghost in the campus, reported Sin Chew Daily.
The signboard was spotted at the front of the university's Federal Building of its Bukit Timah campus.
According to the notice, many people had 'bumped' into the ghost in white wandering around the upper quadrant of the building.
It also gives information on other spirits.
The notice also talks about the sounds of Japanese soldiers marching up and down the corridors and lights being randomly switched on and off.
"There is also an elevator at the Zoology Department that operates on its own, which is operated by the 'resident spirit'.
"Chairs and tables would be thrown about in classrooms according to students who study late into the night," it reads.
A university spokesman said the signboard was one of nine along its Campus Heritage Trail that tell the history and major events reported in the campus in the past to help visitors know more about the university.
Asia Paranormal Investigators founder Charles Goh said the Zoology Department building had been taken over by the Faculty of Law and the haunted elevator no longer exists.
-The Star/ANN

Now what do you make of that ? Imagine being stuck in an elevator with the resident spirit and I'm not talking about Cognac or Whiskey !


  1. Hello OD,

    If you want insist on dotting your i's and crossing your t's, then you should also apply the apostrophes in all the proper places.

    eg. You type 'let us' as let's, but you did 'is not' as isnt, with the apostrophe missing.

    Before you start screaming 'CSK!!', allow me to say that it matters not if there are a few errors here and there in a blogsite, as far as the spelling, grammar and punctuation marks are concerned.

    I must say it is great to see a blogging 'animal'!!

    Ho Yum Ker Lah!!

  2. MJY, you are a blessing! Thank you very much for your observation and advice. I shall abide by the rules. Feedbacks are precious so please keep 'em coming ! he he he!