Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chopping Board

On the flight into Singapore I passed my time reading the Sunday Times. As usual I dove into the Sports pages first and was "elated" (there's that word again) that Man-U is back on top but that should not be a surprise ya ? Then the cartoon comics grabbed my attention until the Stewardesses insisted I had to have my meal before the next turbulence struck. There was plenty of such moments of turbulence today which made it quite difficult to keep from spilling the Chardonay all over the newspaper. The Stewardess decided to leave the bottle with me so that she did not have to go back and forth from the galley, grabbing people's head and hair trying to steady herself when the plane rocked and rolled in the turbulence. It was only a small bottle.

Who likes Airlines food ? Most people, and by "most' I am talking about 99.99 % of people will say they dont. I represent the 0.01 % who will say they do....I do ? Weird ! I think it is not the food but the fact that you are eating in a plane 30,000 feet in the sky somehow whets the appetite like when you go camping or picnicing.....even the sardine in the tin tastes nice.

The Sunday Times assigned almost 2 full pages to articles covering chopping boards. This was obviously prompted by the Geylang Serai Rojak incident. Are they saying that the culprit responsible for the unfortunate affair is the chopping board ? Whether the answer is yes or no I think everyone should look into the matter further, use the internet for research and examine your chopping boards at home. We all know that Bacteria thrives on chopping boards. The authorities will surely begin to inspect food vendors to ensure proper hygiene is practised.

No sooner has the news of Mexico's Swine Flu hit Singapore, there are already advertisements for it's prevention appearing in various local media. Microbeside (TM) - Silver Ions is one such product advertised. Is it a reflection that the population is now ever vigilante starting from the days of SARS.

That's it for now but before I sign off, a reminder to the few Moms who read this blog....I am hoping there is one or two at take a look at that chopping board in the kitchen. Is it time for a replacement ? Disinfect it with a STEAM CLEANER not detergent or any other cleaning agent. A Steam Cleaner is best.


  1. T-Rex,

    I am not a 'mom' but the cutting/chopping boards in my kitchen are separately used for fruits and veg, and also fish and meat.

    Every now and then boiling water is used to pour all over the boards individually.

    Fish and meats are not to be handled with bare-hands, unless to be used immediately. And these are packed into cooking portions if to be freezed for use another day, no thawing and re-freezing.

    Most important is to boil the washing scrubs/sponges and/or table cloths regularly. No point having sanitized boards and knives when the scrubs and sponges have not been sterilised and used till discarded.


  2. You see ? You should have a blog !!!