Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blogs started out as records of events happening along a timeline, a tool used by journalists to dissipate information quickly by internet. This function is so adaptable that it can serve anyone who loves to write and is not aversed to sharing their thoughts. It used to be restricted to the "Columnist" of the Newspaper Industry and now goes by a more Hip or Cool name or whatever this new generation likes to call it.

Now, does it benefit society or does it cause antagonism? The answer to this question requires plenty of time and a couple more megabytes as it would invite a lot of debate. A blogsite is not an ideal place for this therefore I shall "sit on the fence" and only say that it does benefit society but it can be antagonistic when abused. Tell me what can be good when abused ?

Why this boring truism ? I just had to get it off my chest. An acquaintance had read my blog and was not very impressed. He was of the opinion that bloggers can cause much conflict and informed me that many have been sued. He said "Look at the state Malaysia is in right now, all because of Bloggers !" Dumbfounded at his narrow-mindedness, I could not find words to dispute him then. Anyway, my time and megabytes are precious to me so I shall not dwell on this subject matter any longer. I prefer a more humourous approach to everything I do so next update will be lifelier.

Hey have you all heard about TED ?

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