Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well Done DPMM !!!! Saw on TV you stopped GOMBAK - the current leaders in the S-League - in their tracks and this happened not at home in National Stadium, BSB but in Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore ! 2 -1.....Impressive !!

Ya! Ya! I know I promised more on the "Unethical Practices of Salemen" in Singapore but I am not so ready yet. The Muse who is specialised in this particular subject has not reported back to me. I am informed by reliable sources that he was last seen trying to walk a straight line outside the pubs at Emerald Hill.

Everybody's raving about the movies "Shopaholic" and "Gran Torino". Both received 4 Popcorns each from critics. I was more interested in "Shinjuku Incident" and "Fast and Furious 4" but both got only 3.5 Popcorns. This is not an attempt to provide a movie guide or a preview. It is meant only to bring to your attention that there is "entertainment" worth considering outside of the shell you commit yourself into for the sake of earning a living, be that your office or your home. Relax, De-Stress and have fun and you just might live to a hundred.

Nobody knows how to apply the "work hard ; play hard" maxim better than my Animal friends. They play hard at Golf, Fishing and other Sports. Note that I have not used the semi-colon over the word -sports. You can apply them if you wish to. Also note that I have excluded the word - Drinking. You can include it if you wish to. Anyway all of these guys have successful careers because they work hard but they know when they have to relax and have fun too. In fact they have been known to go on what they themselves term..obscene holidays. No, no, no the word obscene in this context does not imply that these guys are inclined towards amorous adventures. Obscene here is like...great, very expensive, very often, exotic. I better stop singing their praises here before it gets to their heads when they read this. On the other hand I think it is safe because I know they'd rather be fishing and golfing than reading OD's blog.

It's a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon here in Singapore and Clarke Quay beckons. I'm off but before I go.... if the foregoing seem like a potpourri of nonsense, let me remind you, this is "all kinds of everything".

Ho Yum Ka Ler!

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