Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TW Fried Kway Tiao

I have never been so anxious and motivated to write. The muse is back from Emerald Hill, Orchard Road, Singapore, properly sobered up assisted by the music in the background. It's Billy Joel singing his heart out. "A bottle of red, A bottle of white....." is about a rendezvous at an Italian Restaurant in the Big Apple. I think Billy Joel is an underrated Popstar as far as South East Asia is concerned. We only know him for "Just the way you are," his biggest hit.

Speaking of hit, the reason I am excited in writing this update today is I have had a wonderful culinary experience this morning. This statement would have some people thinking of a classy joint at the Sheraton or the Empire Resort. Far from it. This was at Stall No: 14, Sumbangsih Mulia Food Court, Beribi. Would you believe I forgot to get the name of the establishment ? Forgive my lack of journalistic competence. Anyway, as usual one of my faithful readers has come to the rescue. This place is called TW Char Kway Tiao and you are allowed to spell it any way you like! The owner and chef extra-ordinaire is none other than Mr. Young Ted Wee. I shall not provide anymore information regarding his family background. If you are as curious or Kay Poh as I am then you should go there and find out and at the same time sample his specialty, Fried Kway Tiao. You will not regret it.

At BND3.00 a plate it is VFM. Aha, you should now be familiar with VFM. Remember the Changi Airport incident ? If not, go back a couple of earlier posts.

Anyway, TW's Fried Kway Tiao gets 4 stars out of 5 from me. Now you may think that I am biased because I am acquainted with his family and because his Kway Tiao stirs up reminiscence of the old Kuala Belait Market Kway Tiao which I loved during my younger days. Not quite so ! I brought a friend and his remark was "Wah, not bad. Cannot find KwayTiao fried like this here in BSB. And also not oily some more ! Usually I have to ask them kurang manis !" I said "kurang what....kurang manis?" wondering since when had he started taking sugar with fried Kway Tiao. He replied "No Lah ! Kurang Minyak !" We argued for a while about whether he had said manis or minyak but that's beside the point. He had genuinely enjoyed the Fried Kway Tiao.

When I received my plate of Kway Tiao Ted Wee asked whether I would like some homemade "sambal" with it and he warned me that it was hot. I said yes being a sucker for all things homemade. When I asked he said that his Mom made the sambal. "Not your Dad ?" I said. " No, my Dad only knows how to make Bogeys and "Tok Nam" on the Golf Course" he replied. Before I get Ted Wee into trouble I'd better tell the truth. He didnt say that. But I must say the sambal complemented the fried kway tiao perfectly.

Ted Wee has my complete admiration and respect for having the maturity at this tender age to decide what his passion and dreams are and have the guts to act now and go for it. This is truely being free...being able to do what we love and not live life shackled by convention...what other people think or say. How many of us can boast of having done this ?

I shall not be surprised if one day TW will be in the same ranks as celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bourdain, Bobby Chinn, Martin Yan, Gordon Ramsay........! And I hear TW is no mean golfer too. As a single handicapper he can take on his Dad with one hand tied behind his back. Nope, he didnt say that too.

How would you all like a Marine Park somewhere out there just off Tungku Beach or Crocodile Beach or Pelong Rock ? Coming up next !

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