Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well now, how's that for a start ? On the very first blog of my life I went and commited a blooper ! Look at second paragraph, last line...."at 0.0010% as well" . That should have read "at least 0.0010% as well". I have a distinct feeling that there will be a lot of this correction process in future blogs but I am sure you will bear with me.

These errors have since been corrected

My favourite animals, close friends who chose to be called that, have been exchanging emails describing experiences with unethical salesmanship in Singapore. There are no less than 3 incidents where people have been conned into buying goods at twice the price of exactly the same stuff sold elsewhere. Apparently this practice has been happening over a span of several years and the authorities have done nothing to curb it. Complaints are mostly aimed at the shops in Lucky Plaza.

The discussions started when one of the "animals" received an email which is presently being circulated over the internet about an incident which happened to a local woman at Lucky Plaza.

Unethical sales tactics in Singapore will be the subject of my next blog when enough facts have been gathered. I shall be including pictures soon as I learn how to do it !

Ho Yum ah !

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  1. Nwahaha!! Yahoo!! How's this for a noob to sign in as your #1 follower and brighten up your space?...

    I am sure that Goose will be reading and glad to note that i did not enlist my kids to save me from potential embarrassment!!

    Ho Yum Ker lah!!