Thursday, April 9, 2009

Starting out on a Blogging Journey

This is the beginning of a Blogging adventure ! Dare I say that I am starting out with not even sure how to spell "zilch". Nevermind, I shall look up the thesaurus or maybe Wikipedia later

This reminds me of the beginnings of "SEINFELD". You know that TV Series about "nothing" ! It turned out to be a top-rated sitcom. I am hoping that my blogs about "all kinds of everything" might turn out, if not as well, at least 0.0010% as well.

I am not even sure how to access the Dashboard let alone use Adsense but I shall get a hang of it all eventually. Persistence is the key to least that's what all the Gurus say.

Ok, as this is just the beginning I will just leave it at that. You have an idea what's in store so watch this space.

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