Monday, April 20, 2009

A friend has awoken me up to the fact that a lazy blogger will eventually lose all the readership his blog has managed to garner, even the faithful lone friend who signs in everyday just to see what more absurdity has been posted. So whether I am inspired or not I must update this blog today, having been silent over the weekend on account of late nights; watching EPL Football.

Isnt it disappointing that Man-U lost the semi-final to Everton on penalties. The two who missed were the Senior Players- Berbatov and Ferdinand. Sir Alex was not wrong in putting in his youngsters and they held up until the penalties. Well let's see what Man-U can do at the UEFA Champions' semis. I bet Sir Alex will not bench their big guns then.

Remember TED ? I came across TED in Facebook and since then I am addicted.
I shall let TED explain themselves so if you are interested go to :- I guarantee you will not regret it especially if you like interlectual stuff. Excuse me for being presumptious. Of course you already know about TED but this is for "just in case you have not".

On to another sensational news......Susan Boyle ! Isnt she wonderful ? You must have seen and heard her on YouTube and CNN and ...well almost everywhere. Her clip on YouTube is reported to have over a million hits ! But I was wondering, apart from the instant fame and riches which will come later, will she get any financial reward from those million over hits on YouTube ? I do hope so.

Have you heard of a young entrepreneur who is getting a name for himself serving one of the best "Char Kway Tiao" in town ? Stay tuned.....tomorrow.

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